Shayne Brandel & Ian Johnston

In Between. Process documentation, Shayne Brandel

Shayne Brandel and Ian Johnston teamed up to create In Between, a collaborative work created using physical gesture and call-and-response in a non-verbal process. Brandel and Johnston worked up to this piece with a series of maquettes/trial run models during the six months that preceded its making. They developed a common language using the limited pallet of 2×4’s. The piece developed with each taking turns placing and fastening a board until all 240 pieces were used. One of the premises of In Between, was the idea of borrowing materials as opposed to using them. To that end a small number of the 8 foot 2 x 4’s were halved and the rest were left full length to maximize future reuse. The materials are destined for reuse by local hiking and biking enthusiasts for trail construction.