An homage to the plastic bag and contemporary retail culture, Bag Suite in 4/4 Time, gives form to a controversial object facing extinction. Like many of the other objects explored in the Refuse Culture project, the plastic bag, a seemingly innocuous utilitarian article, when multiplied by the massive number its users, exists at an unimaginable scale in the environment. Bag Suite consists of 432 slip cast porcelain vessels made at the Pottery Workshop Experimental Factory in China during a residency in 2007. The vessels were formed by pouring liquid plaster into a plastic bag. The lone gold vessel, the individual user, rests on a pillow of red plastic bags that were smuggled out of China in late 2007. Plastic bags were subsequently banned from use in China just in time for the Olympics. The collection is displayed on redundant four-foot retail store shelving and the entire piece is lit by a series of four-foot fluorescent tube lights.